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“I don’t hate you.” he said with a smile. “Please don’t think I’m trying to give you your just desserts. I want to help you. It will be painful, yes, but I’m trying to give you another chance. A new life. The one you were meant to have all along. You’re an animal; that’s why you’ve never felt quite at home with people, why you’ve never had a problem hurting them… Once you’re in your new body, you’ll slowly get used to evil being impossible. The whole idea will drift off, further and further away. Eventually, you’ll even forget what evil is.”

A child struggles to understand his parents’ abusive relationship while an unreachable and malevolent entity tightens its grip on his mind.

A servant of Henry VIII begins questioning his own sanity as incessant nightmares bleed into his waking life.

A white-collar everyman who feels imprisoned by his comfortable routine finds solace in a twisted hobby.

A Russian defector seeks refuge in an abandoned Arctic research station where he discovers the horrible fate that befell the crew.

This eclectic collection of horror stories blends elements of paranormal fiction, realism, and literary modernism in an engrossing cocktail spanning a vast range of settings and themes. Glaze’s unique voice, cruel subject matter, and palpably real characters make for an experience that will haunt and captivate horror readers of all tastes.



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