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Amazon Content Services

Enjoy more traffic, more sales, and a more powerful brand identity on Amazon...

From July 2020 to January 2022, I worked as an Amazon content manager for leading eCommerce agency Molzi Ltd (now part of Brainlabs Digital).

While there, I strategised and executed content marketing campaigns for major international brands spanning a varied range of industries, including beauty, wines & spirits, pet food, cookware, gaming accessories, and health & wellbeing, helping these companies navigate the turbulent eCommerce arena created by the Covid-19 pandemic and delivering unique, on-brand content designed to convert.

During my time at Molzi, I was involved in: 

  • Driving a flavoured vodka brand’s hero product from the third page of Amazon to the #1 bestseller in its category.

  • More than doubling the advertising conversion rate on a pet food brand’s bestselling item through product detail page optimisation.

  • Increasing a global TV manufacturer’s quarterly Amazon revenue by 400%.

Read more about the Amazon content services I offer below, or fill in this form to make an enquiry.

Content Audit - £400

I'll carry out a content audit for up to 25 ASINs*, delivering a comprehensive health-check of your current Amazon catalogue covering copywriting, images, A+ content, storepages, and backend keywords.


I'll also a provide a list of specific actions that will help your listings rank higher organically, convert more advertising clicks, and nurture trust in your brand among Amazon shoppers.

This service includes a video call (up to one hour long) where I'll walk you through each aspect of the content audit and my recommendations on how to optimise your listings, then answer any questions you might have about where you should go from there.

Amazon SEO Training Day - £750


I'll teach your marketing team the fundamentals of Amazon SEO, how the A10 algorithm differs from Google’s, and how to optimise titles, bullet points, descriptions, and back-end keywords for high-volume search queries.


This will include an complementary SEO optimisation of an ASIN of your choice, which I’ll use to walk through the process of researching and executing best-practice SEO copywriting for Amazon.


The training day will end with an hour-long Q&A session where we can discuss any specific challenges you’re facing, take a deeper dive into any previous sections of the training, and discuss anything else you’d like to know more about.


By the end of the day, your marketing team will have the know-how and confidence they need to start writing stellar product copy for Amazon that will supercharge your traffic and conversion rate!


Amazon SEO copywriting - £35 per parent ASIN, £10 per child ASIN**


If you don't have the bandwidth to write your own product copy for Amazon, I'll gladly carry out thorough keyword research and write SEO-optimised titles, bullet points, product descriptions, and back-end keywords to help you climb organic rankings and stand out from your competitors.

Amazon A+ Content Creation and Copywriting - £60 per parent ASIN, £20 per child ASIN**

I'll write unique, compelling copy, and assemble images provided by you to design a piece of A+ content in-line with Amazon CRO best practises, including interactive comparison charts to help you seize cross-sell opportunities.



*£75 for each additional batch of 25 ASINs.


**Here “child ASINs” are any products where the technical details and USPs are more or less the same as the parent product, but minor differences (e.g size, colour, flavour) require further keyword research to properly optimise the visible aspects and back-end keywords.

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