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Bespoke SEO Content Hubs


Showcase your expertise. Attract new customers. Grow your business.

Right now, your audience is using Google to ask questions relating to your products and services.


Answering these questions with unique, authoritative content that out-performs your competitors is essential to making your brand visible online.

Building truly great content while tending to your other responsibilities is a huge endeavor. But it doesn't have to be.


With one of my bespoke content hub services, you will:



  • Delight your audience with expert, valuable content tailored to address their specific needs and show that you’re the right choice for them.


  • Maximize the long-term equity of your top-of-funnel content and save time and resources spent trying to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Ready to build content that gets results?




What Are Content Hubs?


A content hub is an interlinked collection of evergreen content, where a main “hub page” is supported by topically-related subpages. Each subpage is used to explore the topics covered in the hub page in a more granular, in-depth way.


Content hubs exist to curate authoritative, in-depth content tailored to high-demand search terms people might use to learn about products and services like yours.


The linking structure for a content hub focusing on tropical fish care might look something like this:

The sub-pages making up a content hub are strategically linked to both the hub page and other sub-pages to maximize the value of its backlinks, and improve the site's organic rankings.

Each piece of content is optimized for specific keywords based on the topic’s competitiveness and the publishing brand’s goals. The anchor text for each link connecting the individual pages is also optimized to help Google understand what the content is about and its relationship to other subtopics.


When planned and executed correctly, content hubs can secure the long-term value of your content, help your customers with quality, detailed solutions to their queries, and help showcase your brand authority to Google’s crawlers.

Want to start generating high-intent traffic from quality, authoritative content?

How Content Hubs Can Help You

Improved Authority

Google has repeatedly stated that content meeting its E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) parameters stands a better chance of achieving high rankings. My service will focus on understanding your area of expertise, and using this to craft top-tier content that establishes your brand as an authority in your field.

Long-Term Content Equity

While timely, topical blog posts can be a great way to capture user attention in the short run, detailed, high-quality evergreen content will stay relevant for years after it goes live,  providing a consistent, passive inflow of traffic and robust organic visibility.

Higher Engagement

With strategic internal linking, content hubs can increase the amount of content each user consumes when visiting your site. This will not only grow your audience's trust in your brand, but also generate positive user engagement signals which can improve your rankings for targeted keywords.

Out-Perform Your Competitors

During the content ideation phase, I’ll carry out thorough research to ensure your content not only solves problems for your audience, but provides more value than the content published by your close competitors.


High-Value Backlinks

Hosting great content will greatly improve your site's chances of earning backlinks, which remains a major predictor of organic search rankings. Strategically-placed internal links within a content hub help pass link equity from one page to another. This means when one page in your hub earns a backlink, the ranking potential for all pages in the content hub will increase.


How It Works


My content hub service is carried out in 4 phases:


Phase 1: Consultation

A free consultation call where we’ll discuss what you’re looking to achieve with your content, how my content hub service works, and some of the keyword data I might use when crafting your content hub. Once we’ve established exactly what you’re looking for, I’ll send you a free quote for your content hub service.

Phase 2: Keyword Research & Content Ideation

I’ll ask you to fill a simple questionnaire to help me understand your brand identity, audience, areas of expertise, and marketing goals. Equipped with this information, I’ll use industry-leading SEO tools to select the best target keywords for your audience’s search intent, and craft unique, compelling content ideas to act as the building blocks of your hub.


Phase 3: Scheduling & Sample Content

Once you’re happy with the topic and structure, I’ll outline a delivery schedule for the content and write the initial hub page for you to review. This step allows us to iron out any teething problems and gives you a chance to learn about the nuances of my approach to keyword optimization and internal linking.


Phase 4: Content Delivery

I’ll create the remaining pieces of content according to the delivery schedule, maintaining close communication with you throughout the process. Each page will be sent to you for review as soon as it’s ready, allowing you to provide feedback and fine-tune the direction of the project as we go.


Why Hire Me?


10 Years of Marketing Experience

After a 10-year career of in-house and agency-side roles as a copywriter, SEO executive, and content manager, I’ve helped a variety of agencies and brands deliver fantastic results on challenging B2B and B2C campaigns.


Data-Led Content Ideation

I begin every content hub project by carrying out detailed keyword research to find out precisely what your audience is searching for, and ideate content that’s tailored to resolve these queries.

A Personal Touch

As a freelancer, I only take a small number of select projects at a time. This allows me to make a full commitment to building your content hub, truly getting to know your brand, and delivering a more personalized experience than you’d receive at a large agency.

Top-Shelf Writing

I’ve been a professional writer in various capacities for more than a decade, working on everything from snappy product descriptions to in-depth ebooks and whitepapers. Whatever challenges you face as a marketer, you can trust me to approach your project with a keen eye for detail and a firm commitment to quality and style.

Ready to get started?

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