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About Me

I’ve been working in digital marketing as a copywriter, SEO executive and content manager for the past 9 years both in-house and agency side, and have built a diverse range of skills while keeping my knowledge in-line with the evolving marketing landscape.

I started my copywriting career while still at college, driven to find a commercial outlet for my love for creative writing. Since then I've moved through a number of different digital marketing positions, including two agency side roles as an SEO executive (Artemis Marketing) and Content Manager (Molzi Ltd, now part of Brainlabs.)

Though my passion was and has continued to be content, my varied repertoire of work experience has allowed me to gain a keen understanding of where copy fits into various tiers of the marketing funnel, and the huge influence that content can have on the success or failure of a campaign.

Having written content for almost every industry you can name, I've been able to develop a highly effective approach to copywriting which combines thoroughly optimised key processes with the flexibility needed to adapt my work to any brand's unique identity.

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