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ThreatProtect Product Pages

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Round-the-Clock Protection

Tried and tested software working diligently to give you reliable, in-depth defence.

Every year, security pros discover millions of new viruses and other kinds of threats. This has led businesses of all sizes and niches to use sophisticated intrusion detection and prevention systems as a foundation for their wider security infrastructure.

With Threat Protect’s intrusion and prevention product, you can ensure your systems and networks will be protected from all identified threats, without ever hindering the flow of legitimate traffic. This will ensure a user experience that’s both smooth and safe from today’s worst online threats. You’ll find our managed intrusion and prevention easy to deploy and configure, and highly effective in monitoring and intercepting threats.


Unified Threat Management

Streamline the Elements of your Cybersecurity

Leverage dependable unified threat management to strengthen your first line of defence.

Network perimeter security is an essential component to a reliable security program. Unified threat management from Threat Protect can provide this important cornerstone, helping your business protect its network, assets, and data.

When you choose this product, you can relieve the hassle of complex network security management, cut out any broken security controls, and keep your business in line with relevant compliance and audit regulations. As a fully managed solution, this can offer a much easier and effective solution than many in-house alternatives.


Network Access Control

Worry-free BYOD

Protect your employees’ mobile devices with air-tight network access control.

Like many business leaders, you may have rolled out a BYOD policy to bolster employee satisfaction and efficiency, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Though BYOD certainly delivers these kinds of benefits, it can also bring in various challenges and risks, such as keeping track of a diverse range of devices and unfamiliar apps, and weak spots through which malware can seep through. Using Trustwave’s industry-leading network access control, you can give your admins greater power over business-owned and personal devices, ensuring a secure, efficient, and most of all compliant environment.


Two Factor Authentication

Layered Authentication Security

Gain peace of mind and get your organisation in-line with modern authentication standards.

The state of the cybersecurity perimeter has changed drastically over the years, with modern workers regularly accessing applications and data that cross the boundaries of corporate networks. Furthermore, a larger and larger class of organisations are required to use authentication layers by various security mandates.

Threat Protect’s two factor authentication is a cloud-based, reliable solution, allowing you to ensure secure access to your networks and apps, protect all users, comply with security regulations, and improve users’ all-round experience. This product will also help you simplify the deployment and management processes, and minimise the cost and complications tied to hardware token authentication.


SSL Certificate Management

Eliminate your SSL Certificate Worries

Ensure total compliance within your flexible workforce.

BYOD policies and flexible working is becoming commonplace in a wide range of industries. With this important shift, business leaders need to make sure they have SSL certificate management they can rely on.

If you’ve already purchased your SSL certificate, or are planning to in the near future, Threat Protect’s SSL certificate management product can eliminate the irksome guesswork that comes with managing the certificate’s lifecycle, and give your admins valuable, real-time reporting with simple, actionable activity.


Vulnerability Management

20/20 Vision of your Systems and Vulnerabilities

Monitor your essential digital assets, and keep an eye on their most glaring weak spots.

Your network is full of important systems, databases and applications. To keep these functioning exactly as they should, you need to have a reliable method for monitoring these assets throughout their lifecycle and long-term evolution.

Vulnerability management from Threat Protect gives you a user-friendly platform for controlling a prioritised array of vulnerabilities, and gaining a greater understanding of how to fix them. With this intuitive product, you’ll have all the tools you need to produce detailed reports on your long-term remediation process.


Secure Web Gateway

Secure Access to the Tools of Today

Find and neutralise malware poised against your data.

With known and unknown malware threats affecting the essential data of countless businesses, ensuring the security of your web gateway has become more important than ever. You need a trusted solution to guarantee the safety and productivity of your users whenever they’re online.

With Threat Protect’s secure web gateway product, you can block old and emerging malware in real time, taking advantage of an array of advanced engines. This tool keeps your organisation safe from sophisticated encrypted attacks, decrypting, unpacking, and assembling pages, and giving you a clear look into their malicious behaviour.


Web Filtering

Filtering Designed for Modern Internet Use

Keep out the bad and let in the good with tailored web filtering.

The rapid development of Web 2.0 has created a chaotic mesh of social media, apps, dynamic content and games, which has presented a new array of threats and distractions for businesses spanning many sizes and industries.

Threat Protect’s web filtering product will give you an effective method of restricting employee access to inappropriate or potentially dangerous sites, content, and apps, helping you enforce policy and comply with requirements within your industry and beyond. With no network changes required, and user-friendly setup and management, this solution is not only highly effective, but exceptionally intuitive.


Secure Email Gateway

Complete Visibility and Security

Apply airtight security to your main method of communication.

Though online communication encompasses a broad range of channels today, email remains the primary method of comms within most organisations. It’s also a popular target for today’s active cyber criminals. You need to effectively address these kinds of risks, and be able to continually monitor any confidential information that leaves your organisation, accidentally or otherwise.

With Threat Protect’s secure email gateway, you can remove the complications of defending yourself against email attacks, and ensure your sensitive information stays in trusted hands. With flexible options for deployment, airtight protection against various blended threats, and a highly effective anti-spam approach, you can easily ensure safe and efficient email use for all your employees.


Data Loss Prevention

Monitor and Secure your Essential Data

A simplified tool for securing your vast volumes of data.

The unprecedented growth of data in recent years has made it extremely difficult for organisations to effectively monitor and contain sensitive data within the boundaries of their organisation. This can be even more difficult if your IT environment and boundaries are regularly shifting.

Data loss prevention from Threat Protect offers high-quality monitoring, protecting, and tracking of threats to your data, giving you 20/20 visibility of all brewing attacks and risks from within your organisation, whether accidental or actively malicious. The easily configurable dashboard allows you to suit the product to your business’s unique needs, and defend against the kind of threats that pose the greatest degree of risk.


Endpoint Protection Suite

Comprehensive, Straightforward Endpoint Protection

Lock down all your business’s devices and carve out a passage to greater productivity.

Like any modern business, yours depends on a range of devices in order to carry out important, day-to-day tasks. Whatever industry your business exists within, and whatever the size of your operation, your approach to endpoint security must cover the whole spectrum of threats, with defences including policy enforcement, anti-malware, and compliance.

With Threat Protect’s endpoint protection suite, you can address all these risks and tasks through an intuitive, cloud-based platform. From malware blocking to policy management, compliance to BYOD, our sophisticated endpoint protection suite will be able to address the biggest risks facing your devices, and help you map out a plan for ongoing defence.


File Integrity Monitoring

Early Warning When You Need It Most

Enjoy round-the-clock monitoring and detection of potential threats and malware in your organisation’s network.

Our cloud-based file integrity monitoring equips you with a highly effective early warning indicator, which will instantly inform your admins of harmful activity and malware presence within your network and systems. More and more businesses are holding these kinds of measures as essential components of any all-encompassing security program.

Leveraging the latest technology, and the knowledge of our in-house experts, we can prioritise the most important events, and help you monitor them through detailed, yet accessible messaging.


SIEM Log Management Appliance

Make the Most of Critical Logs

Easily address your SIEM analysis, security audits, and compliance.

The data passing through your SIEM logs provides essential monitoring of events and incidents affecting your environment. By reviewing these logs, and establishing automated notifications, you can reap excellent compliance and security benefits, paving the way for deep forensic investigations and efficient administration of your systems.

With SIEM log management applications from Threat Protect, you can enjoy a substantial range of benefits, including professionally formatted reporting on compliance, ongoing access to security events and logs, and customisable permissions to suit an eclectic array of business roles.


SIEM Enterprise

Reliable and Efficient Analysis, Auditing and Alerts

Keep your distributed IT infrastructure safe from all the threats it faces.

As your business grows and its IT infrastructure develops, SIEM becomes more of a rule than a luxury. Thorough information and event management can be essential to ensure the long-term defence of your business, and efficiency for your integral systems.

With Threat Protect’s SIEM enterprise products, you can enjoy the essential insight needed to manage and respond to important security risks and compliance mandates. Designed for purpose, and with many different features to simplify your IT admins’ jobs, Threat Protect’s SIEM enterprise gives you access to an intuitive user platform accessible through web browsers, which will simplify the tasks of configuring, updating, and maintaining your SIEM, all the while driving up efficiency within your IT department.

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