Top 5 Smartphones For Photography

2016 is certainly an exciting time to be an amateur photographer. The technology in the cameras on smartphones is advancing in leaps and bounds, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! If it’s time for you to buy a new phone, and you want to know it will have a great camera, then read on. Here are 5 of the best smartphones for photography.


1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


I’ve always loved the look of Samsung phones, but the S7 is particularly gorgeous. The screen that curves over the edges (hence the name) makes this model incredibly sleek. It comes with a Dual Pixel autofocusing camera, as well as a wide-angle lens. This means that you’ll not only get sharp images, but will always make the most of the light available to you. Aside from that, the phone itself is exceptionally practical and easy to use.


2. HTC 10


HTC have built up a reputation as great runners, and the 10 is no exception. Unlike some models, you’ll be able to use this for years without a single glitch or virus ruining the experience. The camera’s aperture is a whopping f/1.8, and offers you 12 megapixels for you to experiment with. The sharpness of images is okay, but the colour is what really struck me about this camera. All the different shades you capture seem somehow more real than the objects you aim at!


3. LG G5


Like all tech, cameras are always evolving, but the camera on the G5 is something truly special. LG didn’t spare any expense with this release! Both the front and back cameras boast 24 megapixels and wide-angle lenses. When you see some of the pictures from this phone, you’ll be blown away! Colours are incredibly sharp, and the textures of subjects are shown in incredible detail. Some of them are even comparable to what you’d get through broadcast equipment! The auto mode on the camera makes taking great shots easier for inexperienced photographers.


4. Sony Xperia Z5


Like the Edge, this offers a brilliant camera in an even more brilliant phone. The highly usable android interface and wonderfully reliable data make for a great experience with this phone. The camera really shines as well, especially for night shots. The camera has evidently been designed for good contrast. When you take pictures of a dim scene, then look at them later, you’ll think the flash had gone off! Soon, you’ll barely be using the flash, saving you battery and your friends their retinas! To top it all off, the 23 MP sensor offers wonderful picture quality.


5. Huawei P9


This is something of a specialist’s phone. If you have a serious passion for photography, this model will certainly take your interest. The Huawei P9 features two Leica lenses, leading to a truly remarkable smartphone camera. Once lens is made specifically for monochrome shots while the other shoots in colour. This may sound like a gimmick, but you won’t be thinking that when you see the images it produces!