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Copywriting Training

Enjoy Higher Rankings, Better Conversion Rates, and a More Engaged Audience

I offer bespoke one-on-one remote copywriting training tailored to your needs.

Whether you need to write better blog posts, product descriptions, ads, email campaigns or anything else, I’ll help you engage the people you’re trying to reach and smash your marketing KPIs.

With more than 9 years’ copywriting experience, I’ll leverage professional insights and real-world examples to help you develop the skills you need for your specific industry, target market, and formats.

During My Intensive, One-Day Course, You’ll Learn:


  • The fundamentals of good writing.


  • How to write polished, engaging, and SEO-optimised copy to a professional standard.


  • Proven best practices to make your online copy search-engine friendly while capturing your brand’s tone of voice.


  • Tips and tricks to plan, structure, and compose any piece of copy.


  • Frameworks and formulas to make good writing easier.

Get One Step Ahead of your Content Calendar


Unlike other copywriting training suites, your one-day course will be tailored to the immediate needs of your business. 


By the end of the day, you will have brought everything you’ve learned together by writing a piece of copy up to 500 words, based around your company’s unique content KPIs. 


With a few revisions and tweaks that I’ll suggest, you’ll have a well-rounded, sharable piece of copy ready for your next campaign!


One-Day Intensive Course Structure

1 - Introduction to copywriting and its role in digital marketing


2 - Fundamentals of strong writing


3 - Writing for blogs, ecommerce, advertising, and other formats


4 - SEO, conversion rate optimisation, and crawlability


5 - Best practices when structuring your writing


6 - Writing Exercise & Review


7 - Q&A

Course Pricing


My one-day intensive course starts at $700 (USD), including a walkthrough and detailed feedback on a piece of writing of your choice up to 500 words. You’ll also receive a recording of the course and a powerpoint with all learning materials for future reference.


If you require any amends to the normal course structure (special attention paid to one or more areas, additional writing exercises, etc.) stipulate this in your enquiry and I’ll be happy to accommodate! Please note, this may incur an additional fee.

If you’re interested in this course, please fill in this form. I’ll get back to you within 3 working days with a quote and available dates.

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